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The Resilient Rowing Club Under-23 / Intermediate Summer Program will be open to all rowers between the ages of 19 and 23. Members of this team will train exclusively in small boats (both sweep and sculling) to stay in shape, develop better boat feel, and increase boat moving ability while home from college for the summer. 

Race Opportunities/Events: 


Boat selection will be based on 2K score, power to weight ratio, 10 stroke & 1 minute watt test, overall fitness, technical aptitude, and boat moving ability. While registration is not limited, only the most competitive athletes will be selected to travel and compete.


The Coaching Staff is sensitive to the fact that most U-23 / Intermediate rowers will be working this summer so we offer a variety of training session times to individually tailor a schedule for each athlete. In the past we have had rowers train in the early morning session (beginning at 6am) before work, in the evening session (beginning at 6pm) after work, and in some occasions both or later morning / afternoon time slots. It is also possible for rowers to take out club boats independently during off training times if desired.


The cost for training will be $1250.00 beginning,  June 5th through August 14th.  In addition to these base fees, there will be uniform, travel, and regatta fees for those athletes competing at one or more regattas. These fees will be comparable to any other rowing club in the area and will only  cover the expenses associated with attending. Please note at least one season of high school or collegiate rowing (and racing) experience is required to participate in this program. However racing at one or more regattas is definitely encouraged but not required to train with RRC.

To register and receive more information, please email Director Paul Allbright.

*Plus all registration processing fees & credit card fees

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